wanted to keep this!! Surprise visit!!

In the year 2006!!

Thursday 26th Jan had to attend a friends engagement so had to be in Mumbai before 11 a.m. on Thursday!!

Tuesday: 24th Jan :Me and Hussain are talking over the phone, Hussain very casually told me not to go to Mumbai on Wednesday rather stay and be with his Mom, it was his Moms birthday on Wednesday.

Even on this day I was strictly unwell….I went in the evening at my in-laws place since it was the bday eve of my mother in law….so wished her …was assuming Wednesday ko to oofice jaoungi ….phir Mumbai …so let me wish her in the evening. Spent some time with in laws…chit chatting.

Wednesday 25th Jan ….was very very unwell , so bunked office….was to leave for Mumbai in the evening or mebbe Thursday morning gotta be there for the engagement even in my worst state….nahin to I would have lost my front two original teeth. Woke up and was completely idyllic. Elders asked me to come in the morning itself so I wont end doing a lot of journey …..so at 10:00 I decided I will be leaving by RAJ NATIONAL EXPRESS…very delighted was I too board that bus…in mean time my sister-in-law called up to ask me if I was coming along with them to attend a wedding in the night, I denied and I said I aint in a good state and I will be leaving for Mumbai in 15-20 minutes.

And I got with my packing and was all ready to leave…the bus was at 11:00, I left the house ….my cousin was to drop me on his bike. Headed towards the bus….while on the bike got to calls from My in-laws place….i could not receive since I did not notice!!! But I checked my cell in few seconds…so then tried to call up back….but could not reach them….then I felt like messaging Hussain so I messaged him “Am unwell, not at office and rite now going to Mumbai”….the message got sent and immediately I get a call from my father –in –law.

I pick up::

Father-in-law: Where are you?

Me: I am going to Mumbai…

Father-in-law: But where are you?

Me: I am going so on the way…

Father-in-law: But where???

Me: Am yet to reach the bus…on bike.

Father-in-law: Come home rite now.

Me: WHY????? ( could not get it why)

Father-in-law: Just come home rite now!!!!!!! , we have some work from you.

Me: What work ..tell me … I was like but…I am going…but whats the work tell me …what happened. (for a sec I felt is something wrong at home or I could not think of anything.)

Father-in-law: You come home…Now!!

Me: Okkkk. I am coming home.

Hung the phone…

I told taher (my cousin) to take a turn and way towards my in-laws….hmmm things were slowly resolving in my head…got a fair hint that mebbe Hussain is here….but it was very difficult to believe since every time I asked him if he was to come ….he always denied the possibility.

With my huge bag and a curious mind I entered home…my mother-in-law opened the door…my father-in-law was really too excited….with loud voice he said “We don’t like it that you go to Mumbai so often, you are not going to Mumbai, you are going to Bangalore….we have booked your flight tickets and you are going” .

I was like what happened….thoughts like…something abt marriage is pre pre pre pre poned…or what ….but my immediate subconscious mouth said “Is Hussain Here” and I went in the room…..He was Standing quiet and I screamt!!! “Oh SHUCKs!!!!!!!!!”

was so Delighted to see him in the room….and he was Shining with his mischievious glow!!!!!

Then I was home with my in laws….celebrated Moms bday ….and cake and all that… was with H all day!!!

The SICK leave was so so so a BLESSING….but all the time I was truly sick my friends!!!!

26th jan morning went to Mumbai….attended the engagement…at night traveled back to Pune…reached here at 2 in the night…..!!!!

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