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Shrinking violet

How do I say
Its all just a play

Masks surround
Mocking stare
Fell on the ground
Defeated before dare

So How do I say
It’s all just a play

P.S: act, not react, fact, not crack…. maybe it’s just that..

Pyramid bank

Scenario: for children on revised policy of their reward scheme

Few Daily goals you have committed too
You achieve them
1£ for you and 20p for an underprivileged child
new feature test, to build responsibility, using my pyramid sitting beautifully there

Behaviour driven design…bdd real-time 🙂

That pyramid is the new piggy bank for my children to store their rewards.

For every achieved daily goal, they earn 1£ for themselves and 20p for an underprivileged child.

1£ goes on the base compartment and 20p in the hill compartment

If they miss on the discipline to keep on their daily targets, they also lose the opportunity to earn for someone more deserving, so that responsibility will enforce the drive.

Mentoring children is where we the current generation can make a difference.

Similarly, I have been forecasting to them different versions of themselves depending on what habits they will adhere to.


Palestinian woman in a little bit of self love

From a thought bubble of snow
Blew little words in a row
That wept away
Few moments of hollow

They nudged and itched
And shook her from freeze
To the little door she joyfully breezed

That long forgotten jungle
Where all her beauty potions breathes
says “it’s time to come back,
And get dressed into sugar please”

The mirror dazed at the wealth it saw
And a smile in return it trapped from her

Stolen by rosy illusions that kept her drowned,
A step in her closet where she was finally found.



पैगाम अपना अपना इस दुनिया में

हर कोई लेकर आता है ।

अमर वही, जो अपनें पैगाम को ,

सही पढ पाता है ।

शीशे के सामने खड़े होने से कुछ् दिखेगा इतना साफ नहीं ।

शीशे के टुकड़े पर चलोगे,

तो ही फिर यह कह सकोगे,

“मैं क्या हूँ अब देखिये सभी “

Fireworks …. oho actually fire works 😉

A parting shot

A parting shot or Parthian shot is a final cutting remark or severe glance of disapproval, given by one person to another as they part an argument or meeting. The timing is such that it leaves one’s opponent or rival no time in which to reply or react.

The phrase is derived from Western Asia; the favourite tactics of the ancient Parthians were to discharge missiles and arrows backwards whenever their horsemen and soldiers were retreating from the enemy, hence, ‘Parthian shot’, or shaft.

P.S: if someone does this realise the immaturity of the act. So compassion 🙂