Random thoughts

I cant figure out the truth.

Is everything destined to happen. Is there a choice or NOT?

for e.g. it was always known how Imaam Hussain will face troubles and his sacrifice for Islam.
It was know even before he was born rather even before Islam came…

in his case destiny was known.

That was just an example from the religious facts.
Coming to us is every move of us planned by HIM.As the way each soul lives (soul in any living form) is detailed the way its gotta be executed by GOD, just that he makes us feel that all what we will do next is in our control to some extent…we feel that we are free…but the free thoughts are completely controlled by HIM?? i really wonder

but if its so then the BAD and the GOOD becomes neutral as in it was meant to be the way it was designed hence it is just is…then in that case all are equal…no one goes through suffering after death??? again i wonder.

And if its all to happen the way it has to..i really dont understand what joy must be god deriving out of the stories he is directing from somewhere…..because there is no audience but except HIM….the others that is the other living forms react the way he wants each one to.

Then why has he made all of us…this period of lifecycle..why is living required…

Am sure when i die i will get answer to all my questions…

but still living just because we have to live and since we are living we will behave like one human or just potraying the characters we are designed to

and bad is also not bad..if one is bad to the other , the other becomes more stronger in life so the bad has turned out to be good for him/her. So even bad is good.

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