The 5 love languages of children – Gary Chapman

Absolutely loved the concept of 5 love languages.
This has helped me immensely as I can broadly categorise a lot of daily/consistent issues into classified love buckets. The fact that sometimes I am left with a lot of questions about my 9 year old and trying to figure out what are we doing wrong..what needs changing etc..this construct greatly helps. So this is definitely bringing a lot of sensible expectations and better dealings.

I have applied the love languages concept to myself first and it brings a very interesting perspective of self. Greatly enjoyed doing that exercise and then having to apply the same to my parents and spouse brings a beautiful understanding of emotional trade that you should commit to and play around with 🙂 absolute joy when mischief can be added too. But that apart works wonderfully to better your relationship with kids and aids you in your training.
Children are complex beings, this strategy helps simplify it a bit for you.

To have the internal dialogue with yourself as a parent in these love languages can help you draw your own image as a parent and will help you better empathize with your child.

A thoroughly recommended read as there is a short but comprehensive list after every chapter that sort of catches you where u may have spoiled it 😉

The Imam’s Daughter

A very simple and easy read. Anyone exposed to the  Indian/Pakistani culture will be able to relate with the sensibilities that this book exposes.

The story will make you feel very violated and raped. The book left me with the feeling of punishing the wrong doers..slapping every bit of joy out of them.

Hannah must have been very strong. Very strong. I wish she lives with dreams and not nightmares. I hope her butterflies remain beautifully coloured and free.

I wish her achievements. love. purpose.


The Girl On the Train

This was a good and a very quick read.

Fantastic presentation of the main character and how her inner voice is given the main focus throughout the book. You almost feel the sense of isolation, boredom, confusion, mystery and feeling useless through it. Beautiful captivation of emotions.

The best part I enjoyed is visualizing the story.

The story runs with some ability to predict and you sort of know it when you arrive a bit before you are supposed to 🙂

I dont read fiction in general. This was fun!


No God But God – Reza Aslan

The evolution of Islam as described in this book has answered a lot of questions.
I can empathize with those times and can play the environment in my head giving me real sensations.
This book has only helped me become more open and perceptive of the Islamic teachings.

The book is academic but it takes you through the journey effectively.
I definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to create a deeper sense of Muslim faith and understand what happened all these years.
Thankyou Reza Aslan, I will forever be thankful.