Zindagi AAJ

Bahaar bhi kitni jadoo bhari hain yaha

Bahaar bhi kitni jadoo bhari hain yaha

Bankar aarzoo khanakti rehti hain kahaani

Bankar aarzoo khanakti rehti hain kahaani

Zindagi toh aaj
Zindagi toh Abhi
Khayal to kal ke bhi,
aaj Pe hi fidaa hoti hain, hain na! Shukriya



Palestinian woman in a little bit of self love

From a thought bubble of snow
Blew little words in a row
That wept away
Few moments of hollow

They nudged and itched
And shook her from freeze
To the little door she joyfully breezed

That long forgotten jungle
Where all her beauty potions breathes
says “it’s time to come back,
And get dressed into sugar please”

The mirror dazed at the wealth it saw
And a smile in return it trapped from her

Stolen by rosy illusions that kept her drowned,
A step in her closet where she was finally found.



Here I associate Taawiz to ones passionate inspiration that can come in any form that stays with you always …keeping you happily alive.

I love my taawiz. Will always do. The most precious like almost my breathing.

Deer runs, Hiphop

Deer 🦌 runs , hip hop!

stood there soulfully
Humming mystery,
For long
In silence

Kept loving deeply
With her canopy of energy,
For long
In silence

Seeing through the veil
With her inner lamp lit
The illusions disappear
and a different trail hits

Just beat it.
Just beat it.


deers have soulful eyes and no wonder it just feels me.