The racquets do play
And The skies do sing

The frost in my eyes
Believes that beauty,
It sees in everything

Where do I find that

All that blends in
All that blends in

Really some desire
That beats in
Every being

Delays of cries
That speaks in prices

Where is that smile
Without cold ices

The racquets do play
And The skies do sing


Woke up to pink skies, so I had to write, I did feel like singing too..


Says a bird 

Where should she be

In the juggle of

Building her nest

She cages to few trees

Soon once a tender fruit

Drops on her beak

And That taste she discovers

to be a gift for the weak

To be nourished by some more

She gathers strength for a find

and assembles her collect

From her own lifts and flights

though the match for that taste

She still does not find

seeking from the vast

Her struggles tunes her 

into being more refined

all those moments of unrest

Then Begins to beautifully shine 

She returns to the same branch

With a heart without any yearn

To devote a little happy thanks

For the passion she had earned

As she wonders through her flops 

That tender fruit again drops 

And to her surprise 

She finds many like her

flying by over her in a line

They carried that fruit

she longed all that time,

So she followed them, 

For a pretty long while

To finally reach

That bliss of all time

On her way back to her nest

With huge plucks for her own

She drops bits of her fruit

And very Happily as she could

For all that she knew

There is

Immense Beauty 

in brotherhood


If only she knew

if only she knew
that all that she sees
is a view that is shown
because all that really rings true
is only within
within herself
in her natural glow

if only she knew
that all that she has endured
has only assured
coming weak moments of tomorrow

if only she knew
that there were some lucky few who
noticed her sail then followed her trail
and now they are in their finest stay

if only she knew
that no matter how tricky it feels
with silly dos and don’ts
stuck in moods of stone
however she sways through them
her genuine threads will stick along, even insane

if only she knew
that when she smiles its only
really worthwhile

if only she knew.

Zindagi AAJ

Bahaar bhi kitni jadoo bhari hain yaha

Bahaar bhi kitni jadoo bhari hain yaha

Bankar aarzoo khanakti rehti hain kahaani

Bankar aarzoo khanakti rehti hain kahaani

Zindagi toh aaj
Zindagi toh Abhi
Khayal to kal ke bhi,
aaj Pe hi fidaa hoti hain, hain na! Shukriya



Palestinian woman in a little bit of self love

From a thought bubble of snow
Blew little words in a row
That wept away
Few moments of hollow

They nudged and itched
And shook her from freeze
To the little door she joyfully breezed

That long forgotten jungle
Where all her beauty potions breathes
says “it’s time to come back,
And get dressed into sugar please”

The mirror dazed at the wealth it saw
And a smile in return it trapped from her

Stolen by rosy illusions that kept her drowned,
A step in her closet where she was finally found.