The racquets do playAnd The skies do sing The frost in my eyesBelieves that beauty,It sees in everything Where do I find thatmadness All that blends inAll that blends in Really some desireThat beats inEvery being Delays of criesThat speaks in prices Where is that smileWithout cold ices The racquets do playAnd The skies do…


Says a bird  Where should she be In the juggle of Building her nest She cages to few trees Soon once a tender fruit Drops on her beak And That taste she discovers to be a gift for the weak To be nourished by some more She gathers strength for a find and assembles her…


Little by a thumbs upLittle by a pat Little by a tipand continues a dream of “I can”Plenty is the treat Only whenthe stick Follows a plan-masuma

If only she knew

if only she knewthat all that she seesis a view that is shownbecause all that really rings trueis only withinwithin herselfin her natural glow if only she knewthat all that she has enduredhas only assuredcoming weak moments of tomorrow if only she knewthat there were some lucky few whonoticed her sail then followed her trailand…

Zindagi AAJ

Bahaar bhi kitni jadoo bhari hain yaha Bahaar bhi kitni jadoo bhari hain yaha Bankar aarzoo khanakti rehti hain kahaani Bankar aarzoo khanakti rehti hain kahaani Zindagi toh aajZindagi toh AbhiKhayal to kal ke bhi,aaj Pe hi fidaa hoti hain, hain na! Shukriya -masuma


From a thought bubble of snowBlew little words in a rowThat wept awayFew moments of hollow They nudged and itchedAnd shook her from freezeTo the little door she joyfully breezed That long forgotten jungleWhere all her beauty potions breathessays “it’s time to come back,And get dressed into sugar please” The mirror dazed at the wealth…

Contactless touch!!

So here is my tap touch ❤️ Hope the cute energy gets you in the flow… Zara Hilo!!


Here I associate Taawiz to ones passionate inspiration that can come in any form that stays with you always …keeping you happily alive. I love my taawiz. Will always do. The most precious like almost my breathing.

Deer runs, Hiphop

Deer 🦌 runs , hip hop! stood there soulfullyHumming mystery,For longIn silence Kept loving deeplyWith her canopy of energy,For longIn silence Seeing through the veilWith her inner lamp litThe illusions disappearand a different trail hits Just beat it.Just beat it. -Masuma deers have soulful eyes and no wonder it just feels me.


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