Losing out the most needed, is what hurts brutally. Though once a loss is realised it has its own final state of presence.

what we desire for, or unconsciously develop a fondness to achieve some pleasure that allures gets stronger and stronger until not achieved. With the achievement it brings us the mental state of temporary happiness and a content urge. With continuity this possesion enters the zone of daily, it affects one everyday…it gives what it has to give…and lets the change stays forever.

Everything one possess or gets connected to at any point of time becomes a part of ones existence….so Loss is an ongoing process, at everypoint of time there is a death which is relative to us. Realisation of this death is loss.

It depends on the our capability how much to make the abstract, the inanimate,the imaginery, the moments, the LIFE of the past live forever.

One needs to understand that temporariness is essential to have its impact carried further.Loss brings its own benefits, once this is realised it will not hurt…but love you!!!

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