Movie : Enola Holmes

Depicted the closing line of this very sweetly entertaining and exciting little movie.

“My life is my own. And the future is up to us”

The gorgeous countryside brings the romance of life in general. There are touches of several unique elements that broadly fills up ones life, hence to watch this movie was more than delightful. I savoured an authentic taste of wonder, hope, love, art, beauty, intellect and innocence.

Enjoy this sweet gem.


This bollywood movie I so much relate to and the music is melodious..touches the soul
Mohit Chauhan gets in my list of favourite singers after Lucky Ali 🙂

Love, aggression, reality, innocence and the story line awesome.

Ranbir has become my favourite for the current span of life..Akshaye Khanna who was the love of my life all this while has sadly gone invisible.

This movie is well done in all aspects.


A Clockwork Orange

This movie is highly rated at imdb.
I really did not like the movie, not because it was not made well or anything like that.

I personally dont like to watch movies that shows madness, obsessions, extremities because they leave a very sad feeling.

But yes I do learn weird human characteristics and the way doctors treat them.