My 36th birthday




few joys-

There is something I am really very happy about today, Amreen was to get an award at school during the assembly and I had assumed it was for maths because we have seen her doing very well there but surprisingly she was awarded for her reading and that feels very very special, because I do reading with her and oh god I behave like a tiger mother and always underestimate her! So pleased.

One of my closest friend sees a positive route in her life.

The mug and the super expensive watch is gifted to me by my nanny, now I am flattered by her generosity and the honour she has placed me with.

Amreen cooking bed tea, damn good, for me!!

But when I go down to check out she cooked it in pressure cooker. Hahaha!

she penned a rhyme for me and she reached gymnastics level 2.

My girls thoughtfulness to give me flowers of my favourite colours yellow and purple

Hussain took me kayaking in city lights in river Thames at twilight, that was super memorable … it was fun+humour+tiffs as we kept changing the direction. The twilight was gorgeous.

Lunch at sushi samba, highest views!

Timeout with menij friends

Few friends called, few unexpected calls and few naughty ones disturbed my sleep including my naughty mum! And so many messages filled up my soul with good!

My colleague Imal announced my birthday to office colleagues on slack channel and there wishes flooded, then we went out for lunch at ginger and root, this cafe has very beautiful interiors – I always admired it on my way to and fro office, as always in hurry never stepped in. This day got special.

My new super powerful laptop arrived, 128gb RAM, hahaha I feel like I am sitting in an aeroplane .

Initiated working on my dream with positive passion, on a lookout for my co-partner, will happen.

Yay! Need I be 36 ofcourse I do.

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