Chewing Gum

Chewing Gum

Last year there was a Ketone Diet or some self deduced diet phase I was trapped in!
I was happy very happy to have low reliance on tasty rich Indian food
Indulging in all healthy food was enormously grand for my head and heart.
But the mouth needed to be fooled.
So chewing gum addiction happened.
That sustained a successful diet discipline, the chewing fooling was tirelessly working.
And as we all have experienced this -> anything in excess is direct flight into unbalanced and unhealthy.

So there I wouldnt be in a “darling-mode” eternally is what I realised, you know, something happened.

One day after I returned home from work, I was terribly hungry, terribly hungry.
I looked at a banana.
I went for it.
I took a bite and …….
There was a cutting feeling in my ear, so painful that I shrieked.
It felt unbelievable, immediately my dialogue to God, why? why?
My mum in law was around me she instantly showed her empathy…but she did not know what had happened.
Generally she is my knowledge pot filled with wisdom and solutions, but this thing was new to her too.
I went for a second bite, there went another cut. Oh MY GOD, why again my ear!

Did not eat or speak that evening as it was an overwhelming experience, I was startled.
I kept echoing why does my ear gets to go throught all the miseries, why cant it be left alone.
Certainly I am doing something wrong.
I had to find what was this, so I tried to describe it to google and eventually it brought me to

So chewing gum has declined in my life.

And no more cutting feeling, it was temporary but scary. Be careful with excess!

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