Bear Fingers – from my catchup email

Hello all,
To top up to this noisy world that does not shut up even if you say so I dare to be aloud, the difference is I am here back in my private little corner.
It was time to share some of my unimportant but very lovely moments. Let me just jump to that…
So every night we perform this ritual of reading with Amreen (these days Zahra just squeezes in too, she is the naughtiest of us all who makes me laugh nonstop).
Even if that means picking up that funny comic strip from the newspaper we read it.
Ummm but but but sometimes we are not able to do extensive reading after a very long day of hardwork.
As it appears with kids there is a good amount of time taken in patience …patience …anger and patience!
The time to cuddle up would get sacrificed which I did not like….
 I  asked Amreen one night before we opened the book – should we form a story instead of reading ?
 Her eyes said it all! I saw that joy oozing out shining — the smile so genuine, truely excited..Kids are so true with their expressions its amazing!
So there we did our first story in 3 nights and before kissing good night I would tell her to come up with ideas for the continuity.
” Bear  Fingers “
Chapter 1:
There was a Bear who had equal sized fingers on his hands and he did not know why
He was very confused and could not understand why was it so.
He wanted to find out and asked all his friends and parents but no one had an answer for him
He knew humans were very smart he knew there were doctors for animals…he knew he could ask them but how..
He tried to approach them several times but they ran away..they would try to shew him away..
He would find it difficult to interact with humans..but he had to know the answer.
So how will he reach out?
So I asked Amreen to think over this and build up the next chapter so that he can reach out to humans.
And then taken over by Amreen we formed the next part based on her ideas.
The bear thought if he could approach humans in disguise of a human and know how to talk in English he could possibly reach out.
To achieve this he needed to have a human costume and he would need to learn English.
So the bear thought there are Bohra women who have a costume called Rida that can work well to hide his body, his tail would be hidden too and he can hide is face by putting up the pardi in front.
So he broke into a fat Bohra lady’s house to get her Rida and left a note there saying “Thankyou, will return it to you soon – Bear
He was happy with the fitting and now he started to wear it to attend English classes.
He would remain quiet and not talk to anyone and simply attend the lessons.
He was very smart and mastered English in a weeks time because he would only do that all the time..
Now he was ready….
So I ended it here and asked her that next part should be the last one where he gets to speak to the doctor and he will have his answer so whats gonna happen she can throw in her ideas.
She said “I am so excited I cant wait for tommorrow”
Those little words…i felt amazing..”cant wait for tomorrow” was satisfying to be able to give such an experience to her and it was so simple to do …. quality time is always rewarding!
Chapter 3:
The bear got an appointment of a vet doctor and he could not wait to see him, he looked at his fingers all the time with a curious face and a smile.
The bear got in the clinic, when he was called in, he jumped inside the room and said “Hello Doctor” and stripped off his Rida,
The doctor and his assistant were shocked.
The bear kept saying ” Dont worry Dont worry”…and he told him his problem and his story of making it possible to reach him.
The doctor was very shaken but he felt he should help him and he conducted few tests and concluded there was nothing wrong.
He said “Bear, you are different but there is nothing wrong and you are perfectly normal. He is as alike as any other bear.”
And the bear was happy to hear that and got back to his life happily and satisfied.
He returned the rida back to that lady with a small chocolate leaving it at her doorstep.
Story Ends.
After this I told Amreen  – Everyone is different and they have some weird things in their body or mind, but that makes them special and they do something great because of it.
The fact that bear had a concern for his fingers he was the first bear to learn English and do something really fantastic!
So it is good to know what is that weird thing and once u know it…dont stop there…make awesome use of it!
This made her happy and we stuck to each other a Bear finger hi-five! We slept well with a sense of achievement.
I have told Amreen self made stories n number of times with moral values etc in the past and she has told me her silly stories with sweet morals too but this one will stay with us both !
Hope all of you are shining in your journeys. Wish you well always!

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