unravel the mysteries of living.

Its an amazing experience to have been born and live. To be able to comprehend the ever complicating existence and the web of growth that keeps intensifying our thoughts and the ability to be purposeful in itself is quite laborious. Is it what it is – to live a simple happy life devoid of deeper thoughts and holding off the vigor to paint sense in this race to death?

In todays world one have a millions options to keep a purposeful life, it is a byproduct of all the human doings I think.

The culmination of designs, strategies, decisions, the lives that have controlled and managed the economics has all lead to this intricate and convoluted state of play.

We have so many purposes, so much to correct, so much to change, so much to feed and so much to know, so much to explore, so much to this maze, all about the nature’s riddles. I am sure we are self-sufficient, I am sure we are changing all the time to remain so, the existence has the answers to everything, we need to follow our quest.

Yet I wonder if I should retire? ofcourse there are many stimulating situations and experiences,  is living about working towards achieving those – to live in mindful action?

I am attracted to the unknown, the unclear, the mud, the darkness – it will go bright one day, it will! Death has to be beautiful, it is providing for future.


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