Amreen organising Birthday Parties

The mist of joys we have experienced with growing kids should hopefully touch them in future.

This year on two birthdays both for her Dadaji’s once was his varas and the other was his birthday Amreen wanted to set up a party. So very diligently she lay out all the props for the different activities she had set up. She also set a time for the party and invited us the family members. Her invitation was not open to no, it was a compulsory attendance else the tantrum could had been ummhmmm not a place where I want to be.

Although honestly none of us adults were really keen, probably we are so pre-ocuppied with our own interests and priorities that a beautiful opportunity would have just passed by. Amreen kept saying i have organised such a wonderful party and have put in so much effort and no one is showing the excitement..she was skeptical that we would honour her was set at 5:00 p.m which got delayed to 7:30 pm and it was me who actually pulled everyone into attending it..and guess what.

Before the party she gave us a tour..of what is set up and explained everything and asked us if we had any questions we can consult with her and she was happy to explain.

it was exhilarating honestly!

so she had a

  1. sports corner
  2. dance corner
  3. modelling ramp
  4. food counter
  5. water counter
  6. singing feat
  7. one challenge – to stack pegs in such a way that it can hold two slippers.
  8. Last birthday cake cutting.

All of us family members had to have a go at u can imagine we and inlaws must have had a real fun time…and we build such lovely and joyous memories.

In our backyard a magical evening was laid out. Thanks to Amreen.

Her second party was more advanced where she had treasure hunt with a treasure map. She made us play parcing the parcel and her sense of gifting was very innovative.

I had to push this post for a place to come back and live the moments !


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