Pictionary Zahra acts food

Amreen’s friend Kathya had come over for a sleep over. This special evening was very exciting for our young Zahra.

I thought of playing pictionary with the girls and i would give them the words to act out.

It was the very first time that Zahra, Kathya and Amreen were introduced to this game format and they were extremely excited.

Amreen had a go

Kathya had a go

And it was Zahra’s turn – I had to give her a simple word – so I gave her the word “food”.

She showed the action of eating food and after that she started doing cartwheels.

The girls did guess the word food.

Although all of us were wondering why was she doing cartwheels and we asked her.

She said because I have energy now as I ate food.

oh My Gosh – we could not stop laughing.

Context to her act is:

I have always explained to her that she needs energy to do various things and eating food will provide her energy. So Zahra little Zahra Oh my Zahra!



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