Amreen feeds Zahra

Zahra finishes her dinner tonite with one chapati, as she feeds herself she stops when she thinks she is done.
Although it would be a great satisfaction if she ate more but I dont overdo forcing.
Noticing this Amreen comes to me as I was about to do the dishes and says mum I would like to feed Zahra one more roti.
I looked at Zahra with a question and she too confirmed. So negotiation between the girls was a done deal.
So there AMreen took a plate with one chapati and some dal.
Now showtime.
Surprisingly to me Amreen took her shape cutters for modelling clay/playdough to make small cutouts from chapati.
Chapati bits in forms of butterfly, tree, stars….
Those were dipped in daal and fed to Zahra by Amreen. Every feed was an enthusiastic gulp with a short wow fact along.
And a second roti achieved.
Wo boy! I am in love.


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