Fungal ear infection

Last week I could feel odd sensations in my left ear.  I also found wetness and it did raise some curiosity to understand the reason of such an episode.  I did mention to my husband to remind me that I would need to read up on ear issues but forgot later as I got caught up on my daily commitments and weekend.
So last Sunday at my friend’s place we were having our menij and I was behaving slightly absent. Oddly but naturally my left palm was always stuck on my left ear providing some cushioning comfort.
I do have high pain tolerance and hence find it difficult to ring a red alarm to myself that its time for medical attention so subtly said yes there is some pain..I dont feel myself when my friends noticed all this and asked me if I was having any issues.
They made me realise that I need to see a doctor soon as my discomfort was obviously visible.

Next early morning Hussain was leaving for India and we had packing commitments I was on my own the following day.
So the following day I booked myself an emergency appointment with the local GP and that consultation ended up with the conclusion that I had contracted bacterial ear infection also there was a lot of wetness in my left ear.
Antibiotics + Otomize ear spray + anti-inflammatory ( all 3 times a day) for 4-5 days should sort me out. Happy Masuma atleast the treatment will begin.
Started all the same day. With every puff in the ear the pain intensified and the muffled feeling worsened. Patience I told myself,  give time to the antibiotics.
I had to WFH, very thankful to people at work for their kindness, understanding and words of care.

Second day – the discomfort and pain magnified. WFH again.
Patience I told myself, let the antibiotics kick although it did play its effects on getting the stomach rumble, but still it did not knock on my ear.

Third day -WFH again. I should had felt a bit better, it has not happened. I stopped the ear spray because that was just adding to my misery.
I had to go back to the GP to say something is not correct as its not working there should had been some improvement on the contrary my state has worsened 10 times from the start of the medicine. I won myself an emergency appointment after a strong argument over the call and I was seen again.
To my dissappointment it was another doctor not the same GP that I had seen earlier, but anyway I told her that my condition has worsened and the ear spray is worsening it.
I told her should I stop the earspray, the doctor said if its troubling then stop but then I said it is for treating right so actually it should help me heal, so is stopping it delaying my healing? she could not answer that. So why is my condition not improving whats the window for the meds to start kicking in..she said 48 hours, to which I said then today effectively I should feel the difference..yea she said check how u feel today continue the course. I still said what if there is no difference even today then? she prescribed to me an alternative antibiotic if the first one failed. Patience I told to myself. And I thought to myself let me finish today and see how it goes. Damn my entire left side was in pain..I was attending meetings without concentration, I was just not myself.
Third day I started looking for home remedies.
1: ate raw garlic
2: did hot rice sock compress
3: hot water bottle compress
4: regular steam
5: no diary food

I had to follow my gut, booked myself an appointment with an ENT surgeon, who instantly on my elaboration understood that the meds would not work as his suspicion was that it was a fungal infection. That was indeed true, he removed all the infected debris and showed me the aggressive fungal build up. The relief was magical, that throbbing pain gone and locked left side was released. He said none of these medicines would have worked and it had only added to my misery.

anti fungal ear drops and regular debris cleaning until the infection has cleared is my treatment now.

Over these 3 days I had connections from a lot of friends/colleagues on chat or talk and they advised me with their experiences. People are tolerant, have empathy and they care. That has pleased me a lot, made me love life more.

Although if it was someone else who was not able to see a specialist it would had meant a lot of pain and maybe some permanent damage.


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