The story goes like this.

It started with my desire to get a body massage, the idea of transcending into a state of complete relaxation…gosh that can check check not happen.

There is absolutely no slot for it in my life..but my desire is very strong.

My kids love me and they love playing with my cosmetics and my lotions.

I moved quick with my thinking and very nicely asked my kids if they would like to give me a massage on my hands and they were very very excited.

There both my kids with lots of lotion started playing with it on my arms and hands and gave me a good rub..later my younger one said mum should we give a massage on ur belly and i was like nooo i am fine..but then both insisted so there u go they started on my belly..

and oh my lord they were boxing, rolling and playing. They fell in the joy of play with my belly..they found it very soft, thanks to two pregnancies..and they gave my belly a name “jelly”. Mum your belly is just like jelly.

After that everyday they would demand to massage the jelly and now my stomach official name is jelly.

After this addiction of over a month or younger daughter has developed the habit of sleeping next to me touching my jelly..and she always says mum can i touch your jelly! i want to touch your jelly!


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