The Girl On the Train

This was a good and a very quick read.

Fantastic presentation of the main character and how her inner voice is given the main focus throughout the book. You almost feel the sense of isolation, boredom, confusion, mystery and feeling useless through it. Beautiful captivation of emotions.

The best part I enjoyed is visualizing the story.

The story runs with some ability to predict and you sort of know it when you arrive a bit before you are supposed to 🙂

I dont read fiction in general. This was fun!


One thought on “The Girl On the Train

  1. I read this book twice. I just love the way same story goes on from the vantage point of 3 different characters. There were many descriptions such as view of balcony/ patio from the train, the subway in the dark, the state of mind of an alcoholic which I enjoyed reading and re reading.
    Though you are right about the suspense which became easy guess once you completed almost 60% of the book.


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