10 years

It is going to be 10 years this 2016 – away from home! in a relationship, in a different life.

With every passing year the realization is that the distance to my past keeps widening and a lot of special memories are slipping away. I can relive them, I can bring back few of them in my head for a replay.

Too many aspects of my life that has shaped me.

childhood – dadaji, mumbai, sainiketan, friends, family – These were some fantastic days..

rains in mumbai..

a simple memory of returning home from school in heavy rains without umbrella 🙂

🙂 a lot of things are unsaid. I am very thankful to life so far!

I miss a lot of people. the joys when they were around at the time. precious! value people. u will surely miss them. so be there with them at the time!

these 10 years were the beginning, so much yet to learn, to discover, to tread on, to suffer, to witness, to achieve, to reach…

We aim to support, to hold each other…in bitterness and in sweetness. Certainly any relationship that is joyful does have love! spread the joy.


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