blind interview

It was my first round of interview for Juice Plus for a Java Lead position and this was scheduled to be taken by their Director of Engineering.

So like always I had rehearsed my CV and ready was I for the tide.

The zoom call begins, a smart looking young man surfaces on my screen.

Hmm, right there I am nervous.

Then he says I will do a blind interview.

Perplexed I ask, what is that?

He said, I won’t be looking at your CV right now so I don’t know which candidate I am interviewing and will randomly ask questions.. to initiate a technical discussion. This will automatically settle into a lot of sharing of ourselves.

Taken I was, like always, when there is any unusual innovation to experience.

And as the questions began the interview talk naturally grew, and, time ran out as it ended up into an interesting conversation where both parties participated without any hesitation of the fact that there is any judgement involved.

I cleared 🙂

this interview will always be remembered as one of the most unique experience.

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