Meet the reindeers

Meet the reindeers:

The guide asked the first question to the group of 25 heads, “Do you know the lowest temperatures that the reindeers can withstand?”

No-one shooked to answer.

A tiny little hand was raised.

And we all looked at her..and she was Zahra.

Hussain, Me and Amreen we all exchanged looks, what is she going to answer, gosh do I have a Matilda growing in my home.. let’s hear

And the guide like all of us was eager to know too and gave her the 🎤 to answer..

Zahra says – “Very very cold”

To that all of us, smiled, childish deep smiles..and realised how we humans are auto-conditioned to look for precision.. the exact..

Following that, engaging question answer session began…freely..


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