Thuli greatness!

Thuli (It is a quick funny read)

In Bohra tradition on Islamic birthday (varas), we cook a sweet dish “Thuli”.
What is thuli ? ->…/

It was Amreen’s varas in Dec 2018 and it was not going to be without thuli ofcourse.
I had woken up really early say 4:30ish for cooking 10 food items to be portioned and stored in the deep freezer to suffice my family with daily food when I was to be travelling to India.
So in that mechanical mode the first thing that I had to finish that day was to prepare thuli, I reached out for the cracked wheat, added jaggery, fennel seeds and water to it – pressure cooker On!
Began with the giant mess of cooking for 10 days, in a while the cooker whistled, I felt happy and assured that thankfully I kickstarted “Thuli” first thing in the morning so it will be ready for the day! yay!
I did not open the cooker as I was assured it would be all good and will attend to it after I am done with few items that were in progress.
Say after an hour or so opened it and what I see….?
I expected cooked broken wheat, that would had turned soft etc..
But I see brown water, shocked !!!!!

1. What did I buy, the broken wheat was really fine, but it melted?
2. Does it melt?
3. I have found something so unsual
4. now what to do with this water, did I overcook it?
5. I cant understand, that such kind of broken wheat that melts is conceptually possible.

and then then then it all occured, I rushed to the packet that I had used…damn it was cane sugar, lol!

I had used cane sugar in my morning dead eye confidence, so that cooked water – was sweet water (jaggery + cane sugar). OMG.

I could not stop laughing, with everyone still tied up in their beds I called up my sister to share the laughter.
It was hilarious!
Later I used that water to prepare the thuli which turned out oooh lala delicious with all that sweet laughter mixed in it. Joyous feed !
No pics taken, just solo memory!

So that was the story of Thuli, as promised its out.

Pic of the cane sugar I had blindly used #funAloneMemory #nojudgingPlease#afterAllAmum

Good morning 

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