I met a Jordanian lady today, her name was Hasna (means beautiful) at Pret by my new workplace. She must be in her mid 50’s and looked very refreshingly delicious. It was quite warm to share a table with a stranger and speak about few life issues. So many live stories run around you which at every moment is influencing to maintain an equilibrium.

She has two sons(twins) who have a medical condition due to which they are highly intelligent, look half their age and are socially inept due to which they are home bound. ALthough the boys love computers and gadgets is what she said.
I explained that maybe they are this way for a reason so they can use their brilliance to contribute to this world without any distraction. Maybe that’s their purpose. Think about it. They should join some research programs or initiative, it will give them a lot of happiness!

I was only interested in getting her to see the positivity in both her 30 year old boys conditions and help her find a purpose for them. Although she was wanting to tell me one thing since the beginning of our conversation which I kept interrupting with my passionate desire to shower all positive vibes and info I could on this flowerful lady. She took a chance and said ” You are very beautiful, your skin everything about you”

I could only return that with “You are even more”

Then she elaborated on how her daughter is very obsessed with the indian skin and how she gets tanned to get that seductive glow 🙂

I did feel that this little compliment was not the impact I was interested to offer, but then after reflecting later, maybe both my pleasant personality (beautiful ;)) and words will leave a deeper impact.

I really hope Hasna did go back home with my words, as if nature wanted me to meet her and convey it to her. I hope those boys live a purposeful life.

Hope is always promising. Isnt it.

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