Turmeric and Sandalwood

So where ever I look I keep analysing. It may not result in a resolved understanding but yea thoughts dont tire me.

Now ofcourse I wont spare my own self, so I do look at my face everyday in the mirror as a subject to study and analyse. I watch how it keeps changing so subtly.

Lately a red patch on my nose and cheeks was flaring up loud –  no it does not look rosy..it looks a bit unusual.

My different theories in association with my medical condition, I knew what had likely happened.

This only made me question what can I actually do to be in control?

1: sleep well

2: worry less

3: love without hesitation.

4: be realistic with everything I do – aim high, be realistic. As a parent life is challenging and very very tough sometimes rough..dont feel that u have sacrificed, enjoy them. Also understand that everyone understands.

5: drink water (warm)

6: be watchful of what u eat.

7: wear a hat always

8: wear sunscreen everyday

9: moisturise

10: oil ur hair,  head massage twice a week

11: exercise or run or walk or do a sport

12: read, read, read.

13: Turmeric powder + Sandal wood powder + rose water + olive oil + chickpea flour + milk – make a paste and apply it on your face everyday. let it dry and then rinse it off with water.

14: practise minimialism with pride

15: talk to your self .

16: be thankful, start your day as a blessing.

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