Parking – fear – mother –

It was may be a miss in my head but I had zoned out of my weekly routine of tuesday evenings when it is a swimming run for my elder 8 year old. I reached home and barely had 5 minutes to realise this and get up rushing all prepared with the swimming gear.

In those 5 minutes to coax the little one to not join us along as she just survived a very bad viral flu…it did feel like a stretch of words at first but soon a candy = home bath did make her she the little one in her tiny costume satisfies her dives in the bath tub..where as we zoom out in my nissan.

I reach the fitness centre to see a queue..hmm well maybe its better if my daughter  heads to the pool by herself as its almost time for her lesson meanwhile I find a parking. I did hesitate leaving her to manage her way to the centre and to the lesson, I did have a thought what if she is taken by someone, what if she is not allowed to the centre alone, how will she get her way through, all these thoughts flashed but it did not occur at all that I will not be back soon. So I let her rush.

In the next 5 minutes I am circling and parents flooded with school children rushing, walking, noises etc..and I realise there is a school event and the parking is full and there are long queues because …oh my god..I get out..look for a parking in nearby luck…I do get in a lane and damn this was jammed as everyone is trying to squish their cars in cramp spaces blocking the traffic.

Now all those thoughts are over powering. I still push them behind, I still keep positive and after that I made a call to my husband..he was at work and in meetings..he said to have assurance just park anywhere, park in disabled and rush to the pool if are worried.

I realised his guidance will not really help me. So I did a couple of things in my head. Stop worrying first.

Got patient, got positive, developed trust in my child, developed trust in the people around.

When I moved out of that jam..I got back to the centre circled around still no free out called a swimming mum who lived like at a 10 mins walking distance and said I will be parking my car on her driveway as my last option and she was like anytime….and it seemed like the only option as the time was ticking it was already approaching pick up time..again do I have the time to walk/run before my child gets the worry attack or teary eyes.

I risked getting in one of the bylanes and parked at the dead end. Although right behind was a Mercedes Van waiting for me to clear up so he could get it into his driveway.. Oh my Lord sorted this so that he can happily get in and then I excused myself for blocking his driveway for just 10 minutes and he was absolutely a gentleman !

I ran ran ran to the pool..I saw her bag hanging over the locker, her clothes folded and kept and reached the collection point, she just finished her lesson wanted to have a free swim for a while which I denied, I just wanted to hug her.

We happily came back..and I dont know what happened to me I just told her one thing.

Listen girl, if anything happens to ur mum and she is not around just respect yourself, respect everything about your self and that means you will take very good care of yourself!

I realised most of the time I remained calm and did not panic. It did bring my strength to me.

I wanted to not forget this day and hence I just had to put this down.

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