Cluj Napoca visit!

This was an unplanned visit thrown at me just after I returned from my holiday.  Extremely delighted to meet new people new city travelling alone, the offer was accepted. why not! Besides I know my subject well I can run plenty of trainings 🙂

Coming here, training people makes me realise 10 years back I would have been shy nervous and scared.

And now woah I rock and roll. Confidence, knowledge and kindness packaged nicely brings great experiences.

This small city is wrapped around with mountains keeping it secure from windy moments. The main appeal of this city for me was in its cleanliness. People are generally warm, extremely welcoming and jovial. I could see the simplicity in them, no air and very grounded.

The Ottoman Empire is quite a talked about subject here. The jokes about being darker because of the Turks – during the Ottoman ruling it was a mandate on every bride to sleep with a Turk on her wedding night before she consummates with her husband..sounds eeky but yea that carried on for 100 years.

Did some touristy walks around St. Michaels Church and its beauty is emphasized by the powerful aura of a Hungarian ruler in front of the church.

It is a growing city with budding young students filling up the ever expanding universities. Construction does seem like on a flight as modern buildings are popping out pretty quickly.

Taxis are really cheap and are available just like how they are available in India..and they are extremely convenient – you dont need Uber honestly. One taxi driver made us laugh working his way out through different accents – British English, American English, French…a laughter with strangers is miraculous.

At work, lot of women in technology. It is very impressive and a team only of women wow!

This city reminds me of Pune for its youth dominance and laid back vibe. It is a very very safe place, any one can walk anywhere anytime.  I was put up in Golden Tulipa hotel, 6th floor, pretty good views. I did write this blog in this room 607.

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