It was a very special day

Buying flowers on his way

He was dressed with white shine

Aromated, with bottle of red wine

Whistling the tune of “Love is in the air”

Speeding easily to kiss his fair

Carrying a ring that glittered with diamonds

Thinking of her in a frock of white garment

Emotions kept bringing smiles of shy

Waiting to say just a Hi

Opened the door with a heart filled of joy

To express his love on their very first anniversary

Seeing his wife loving some man

Tight lipped lost a heartbeat in stare.

Gosh the wife felt inside

On noticing his emotion at his lovely sight

The dawn of surprise

Ended in a huge price

Note: I have to refine and frame many paras here its yet not complete

28 sept 2016 – > Again not very beautiful where it should had been at the most tragic place..a TODO

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