The H : Nonalphabetical

It started with the least interest,

To please the filial chest.

H was a new acquaintance,

Out of NOwhere a firm existence.

Life was simple in its old way,

Now got spiced up with fun and gay.

Some things never changed for me,

But yet I get to know more of me.

A strange entangled relationship as of now,

It will open knotted somewhere to tow,

The best of things which helps to grow,

Thus we share lightness to be mellow.

H has an air of positive and peaceful joy all around,

Wonder how can he be at ease always on the ground.

Demands respect in his unique style

Cautious with words all the while.

A youthful look entrapping a positive approach,

And an intelligent brain acting as a brooch.

He sees life as a comedy ,not a tragedy

Seriousness lives inside, but freely. (means – maturity& seriousness does not rob him off his jolliness)

Speed is something he has to be in pace with,

Make sure to be at instant on his any feat.

Simplicity lurks from the way he talks,

Just so normal with natural walks. (Natural walks here would mean Life)

Changing moods never halts,

Sadness lives only by faults.

There is so much pure in within,

Untouched by any kind of grave sin.

Could possibly write much longer, my pledge,

But I feel there is much more to my knowledge!

Grow dear friend in the right direction,

Bring wonders to your world with strong impression.

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