Cute story

A Conversation story : “CUTE”

Hussain & Nafisa

She: 🤷‍♀️
I am done with this overly populated choices in life. I can’t be smart all the time and keep at research reads to pick the most efficient / optimum option…after going around the globe of experiencing the value checks of every option in my head before I actually make the decision.

I want to be CUTE. That’s it.

Cute?! Cute!? What do you mean, CUTE?

Like having the freedom to function with not knowing everything and then making those choices which may possibly land you into, maybe, a bit clumsy state or a hurdled life or little inconvenience or oops phase or oh no moment and then how one ends up looking cute.. like that cute…just want to be CUTE.

👀 alright hmm I see, OKAY…👻


Few days go by,


She and He, in their car, He was driving..(She was guiding 🙃)

He: 🙋‍♂️
please if you could help with a quick call and verify our delay for the appointment.

yes sure.. tring tring.. talk .. done

He: 🙋‍♂️
please if you could call again and see what other appointments they have and probably book the one after.. in case we are further delayed.

She: 🤦‍♀️
well we should reach in acceptable delay.. it should be okay. I am Not calling.

👻 kicks in !!!
He: “Oh, you are sooooo CUTE”

She: ? ?

In few seconds, Lighting strikes …and

She laughed and laughed and laughed and He enjoyed her laughter with a satisfaction of “THE”achievement for the day..



She, then, calls 📞


P.S: 🥰

Wishing clouds

Wishing Clouds

Clouds how you flirt
You made us want all the dirt
We made a bulb of soft glow
That smeared the cries of sorrow
The rain that strongly came
It dropped me into a saint
the static saw you in wander
Keeping away the close thunder
It digged and revealed all my doubts
And it appeared I did not suit your mouth
So I took the plane to my fathers
And felt they need me as their silvers
I chalked you would not claim
Me or my silly name
You still had to feel the cold
And paint it with things that sold
I had to leave, so you could bloom
Without a word, without a broom
It does still rest within my soul
The urges that were left untold
– ❤️asuma