In silence

In silence….

The expressive appeal
Is rewarded protection
the aurora is always of
An Eyelash affection

Trader can easily be
Though love interferes
An Overrides outrightly

Says barbed wire control
discriminates that belongs

so the eyelash
Absorbs in delightfully!




trade and love – both crucial to grow – it’s just to keep The balance.

some love more, some trade more and that “more” is subjective 🙂


Told sub rosa

Told sub rosa (under the rose) Anything told sub rosa (under the rose) is spoken in strictest confidence and must not be repeated.
The rose in question is the white rose which has for long been the emblem of silence.

Whenever a white rose was hung above the banqueting table, no matter what was said or whatever the company, no secrets revealed were ever to be repeated. The custom originated with the Romans and spread to England, where it was widely used during the days of chivalry. It persisted until Victorian times when the living rose was replaced by a plaster motif carved in the ceilings of dining-rooms, many of which can still be seen today.