Bird feeder

So recently I charmingly constructed a bird feeder using a big nut jar, few loose head bands, barbecue skewers and a plastic plate. This act of creation got me into eager wait as I hung the bird feeder in my back yard.

Surprisingly so many little robins crowded in my backyard but none sat to feed. That disheartened me and I would try to change position of the feeder or scatter some feeds around on the ground so that they know where to come for food.

Well the other day a pigeon sat but it’s weight shook the base..

And the following day robins… the joy I resonated with was as good as meeting my love and cuddling him tight.

After that the following day a robin couple was difficult for both to sit and feed simultaneously so one robin sat down and the other robin would peck some food and then share it with the one that sat down. They also took turns.

I felt like kissing him but he is not around, so I closed my eyes and whispered a wish.

Now these robins come everyday cutely showing off their romance to me.