Movie : Enola Holmes

Depicted the closing line of this very sweetly entertaining and exciting little movie.

“My life is my own. And the future is up to us”

The gorgeous countryside brings the romance of life in general. There are touches of several unique elements that broadly fills up ones life, hence to watch this movie was more than delightful. I savoured an authentic taste of wonder, hope, love, art, beauty, intellect and innocence.

Enjoy this sweet gem.

Spotted – London eye

Long time back I had watched on BBC Panorama – Ebola Frontline

That introduced me to Dr. Javid Abdelmoneim ( ) and the work he does. I started following his work and watched few of his other programmes.

So eventually I developed high regard for his work and contributions.

That sets the context for my awe for this young man for he does comes across humble, god hearted and bright looking.

Now I was at Trafalgar Square, London at the signals waiting to cross.

And I am walk past by a gentleman who looks very familiar to me… it triggers me into immediate processing of all my memory nodes, fetching the right pattern match and yes in time I recognised him, it was Dr Javid, dressed in casuals with a cap. After reaching the other side I voiced out loud – hey excuse me…are you that doctor?

He turned and looked at me

I said are you the doctor, I follow you. I watched your shows and you are doing very good work.

Guess he felt very appreciated and crossed his hands as a sign to accept my respect.

That’s it and we moved on on our ways.

to have met someone whome I follow and regard very highly was indeed a surreal experience, almost felt like that rare chance of a lucky lottery win.

I tried to reach him on social platforms and then found this event happening ->

And so I have happily signed up for it.

I had photographed the colourful view of London eye that day! Looks so pretty!