What is paradise/heaven?

Someone asked me what does paradise or heaven mean to you?

I said paradise is complete sync with nature or maybe it’s the fictional visual of happiness flowing from one life form to another… that softens your heart and is rhythmically charged..feels like one is wandering in dreams.

And if you are asking in context of death, then I suppose to reach heaven it would be related to what you have given.

For e.g Like I love exploring the ancient royal buildings of London city, it draws me in to different flavours of joys, thoughts, inspiration and what not.. so that experience has been offered to me by many from the past, so in that way they have created heaven for me (and like me many other receivers too) so I guess they have reached heaven, for I am sending them love/support/appreciation.

the teachings of your caregivers, infrastructure by builders, books, movies, oh this list is endless…so much can be given..

So I guess if you have been part of offering joy that can be lived even after you have gone, then in a way one has reached heaven right..

I paused

I looked at that someone who asked me this question , and said what do you think?

Someone said – “I really liked what you said. Though It’s the state of mind when you die, if you are happy at that exit point.. then that’s reaching heaven, right….“

I said, “yeah.. that certainly is so simple and true”


A sweet flowing smile
After a
A brief period of time
Is all
That matters
For reaching paradise!


we all are always here in form of our offerings , and maybe that defines our state of mind when we become one with divine.