Laughter is a form of Aerobics

“Bring one close, show no despair

And then innovatively go bare

As you know with that one anywhere

Its just so less to prepare

Distinct bundles of pleasure

Releases gracefully without any shame

And then it all casually happens

Memorable funfair of games

Aching the stomach into wild laughter

Tweezing out drops to decorate eyes shinier

No words to describe the air in pair

With that gem along, so chosen and rare”

Like Sun Like Eye!

What am I talking about here?

Energy is constant which implies the state of equilibrium by the equation give = take.

Everyone in this world has a common purpose : to maintain the balance of the equation.

At any point in time naturally you will be interacting with the people who would need to balance the energy with you, where the give and take is essential to maintain the balance. These connections are formed based on various different factors and from your life experience you will have noticed that how easily you have drifted away from people who are either not aligned at your frequency or are not yet ready for the equation. There may be some trivial connections laying around feebly because probably they act as sponge to filter out your leftover energies that needs to be balanced 🙂 And sometimes there are very strong connections which can actually be distracting. Distractions will naturally make way or resolve. Ofcourse you encounter new connections too making way out for the stale old connections. I hope I have tried to get you in the grip of what I am trying to convey!

Where you live physically and virtually at any given point of time is also one of the factors connected to the purpose of balance for forming your relationships. All put together you build a world around you. I would term this as a u-world.
Now all of the neighboring u-worlds interact with each other to maintain the balance.
A u-world may have a larger or smaller radius to cover depending on the energies that the u radiates. To exemplify lets look at social media, here not everyone has the same impact or the same reach. This is because every connection needs to oblige the rule. With this understanding the role that every individual plays starts making sense.
There may be some relationships which are very intimate yet they may not necessarily be interactive throughout, infact it could even be as insensitive as a mother-child voided life-period.

Your personality, abilities, desires, acumen, skills, will be a guided lead to the right connections eventually putting you in the purposeful work you would thrive in, although the ideal situation would be something that you are bound to love.

Work could mean anything from parenting, to running a country to doing nothing. It will fit nicely in the cloud of u-worlds!

Mindset of a generation affects the average “type of life”.
A fast paced competitive mindset of a generation will substantially influence the “type of life” of the following generation whereas if the change is slow then generations can share the “type of life” or the intersection of commonality will be larger. And so  the u-worlds that have a bigger radius will actually impact to bring change. And so it becomes important how these special giant u-worlds balance, at the same time mini u-worlds can collectively stand together to impact for bigger changes😊

With continuous growth as one evolves one’s work interests would reflect that and one’s connections breaks/makes, strengthens/weakens forcing the u-world to adapt.

On this thought it is then apparent that it is important for everyone to take good care of themselves, to introspect, to follow their gut, to continuously challenge, to take care of their health, to tune into their will lead them to their love, their reason to thrive and eventually accepting of every good and bad in their u-world and also enabling the power of attracting the right energies as they intentionally make those changes.

Expand the u-world to include every source of energy i.e. pets, trees, plants, birds, sea life, wild life, the moon, the sea waves, the volcanoes, the wind, the rivers, the lights etc and they all play a part.

The exchange goes on and on. Slowly slowly your u-world radius diminishes until one day it ends to zero, neutrality. You have submitted your thoughts your work your purpose into the infinite u-worlds! There could be a sudden exchange too which explains accidents or catastrophe

Do you feel the time as life goes ? Everyone says time flies, don’t they?
In my perspective time = you!

You definitely feel yourself. Let’s say, you experienced one terrific moment and you had 5 years of a delightful experience. You will understand the meaning of time = you as both can probably weigh the same in terms of its vitality or infact that terrific moment may possibly outweigh, making time irrelevant. Its a bit misplaced philosophy in my head and I value time being the most expensive currency, but as you are spending it mind you, you are spending yourself! 🙂

As you get closer to your death you are channelling yourself through different forms into so many u-worlds so it was you and not the time that was passing by!

So why “like sun like eye”?

Because like sun you radiate and like an eye you absorb to make your u-world.


It has always been pain that keeps a check
Everything that is very happy has been very sad
Everything that is shining has burned bitter
Every reward is an equivalent exchange!
Balance is the cycle of life!


Irshad hain

“Ae talabgaar Apni tishnagi
Kyun chupa ke baitha hain
Andhere Daaman ko fajr se mila
De us vasl ko tulua ki Jagaah”

Hey you seeker,
don’t hide your thirst,
Let those corners of darkness be fed with the beauty of morning
Let your passion be the rising.


On Ashara

“This reality of past will never fade
Those echoes of the cries will resonate
right over wrong
guide over pride
empathy over sympathy
winning over victory
strength over despair
This reality of past will never fade
Those echoes of the cries will resonate”


Even if your shadows are quiet grow bigger to cast a clearer sketch
Even if your echoes are gentle grow louder to greet the hidden depths
The lights will shine and the reach will be grand.