Pyramid bank

Scenario: for children on revised policy of their reward scheme

Few Daily goals you have committed too
You achieve them
1£ for you and 20p for an underprivileged child
new feature test, to build responsibility, using my pyramid sitting beautifully there

Behaviour driven design…bdd real-time 🙂

That pyramid is the new piggy bank for my children to store their rewards.

For every achieved daily goal, they earn 1£ for themselves and 20p for an underprivileged child.

1£ goes on the base compartment and 20p in the hill compartment

If they miss on the discipline to keep on their daily targets, they also lose the opportunity to earn for someone more deserving, so that responsibility will enforce the drive.

Mentoring children is where we the current generation can make a difference.

Similarly, I have been forecasting to them different versions of themselves depending on what habits they will adhere to.


पैगाम अपना अपना इस दुनिया में

हर कोई लेकर आता है ।

अमर वही, जो अपनें पैगाम को ,

सही पढ पाता है ।

शीशे के सामने खड़े होने से कुछ् दिखेगा इतना साफ नहीं ।

शीशे के टुकड़े पर चलोगे,

तो ही फिर यह कह सकोगे,

“मैं क्या हूँ अब देखिये सभी “

Fireworks …. oho actually fire works 😉

Rumi visits me

When you look for good in others, you will find good, and then you will feel good.
When you look for bad in others, you will find bad, and then you will feel bad.

agree with the famous poet Rumi when he quotes

“What you seek, is seeking you”


Movie : Enola Holmes

Depicted the closing line of this very sweetly entertaining and exciting little movie.

“My life is my own. And the future is up to us”

The gorgeous countryside brings the romance of life in general. There are touches of several unique elements that broadly fills up ones life, hence to watch this movie was more than delightful. I savoured an authentic taste of wonder, hope, love, art, beauty, intellect and innocence.

Enjoy this sweet gem.

What attracts you, defines you.

Life is about leaving behind vibrations by generating memories through actions taken in every moment.

There are different forms, some happen through exchange through everyday interactions which controls the mood and or the motivation of people. People partly create products for everyday life, offering convenience to counter the moods that are prevalent.

It’s a cyclic trigger where people operate under influence of their own creations that stretches on a timeline such that the future taps the present, and our present is a response to the past.

Therefore even in any slightest form, if one is aware of having created a sentiment in someone that could have damaged their state of mind, and not repaired them, then it taps into the creations that impacted state of mind leaves behind.

I am interested in understanding how politics across the world have spooned its population through the affairs of the present.

It’s an experience of vibrations that channels one on their lifepath, eventually the objective thinking and scientific approach is to appease the subjectivity of how one feels.

So “present” is everything, it’s a unification.

Bird feeder

So recently I charmingly constructed a bird feeder using a big nut jar, few loose head bands, barbecue skewers and a plastic plate. This act of creation got me into eager wait as I hung the bird feeder in my back yard.

Surprisingly so many little robins crowded in my backyard but none sat to feed. That disheartened me and I would try to change position of the feeder or scatter some feeds around on the ground so that they know where to come for food.

Well the other day a pigeon sat but it’s weight shook the base..

And the following day robins… the joy I resonated with was as good as meeting my love and cuddling him tight.

After that the following day a robin couple was difficult for both to sit and feed simultaneously so one robin sat down and the other robin would peck some food and then share it with the one that sat down. They also took turns.

I felt like kissing him but he is not around, so I closed my eyes and whispered a wish.

Now these robins come everyday cutely showing off their romance to me.