“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Ref: Mathew 7:7

P.S : Open the door 🚪


The need to create a precise calendar for Muslim religious observances and pinpoint the direction of Mecca for prayers energized the fields of maths and astronomy. To measure the position of celestial bodies, Muslims perfected a Greek invention, the handheld Astrolabe. Author of a pioneering 9th-century treatise on algebra, Persian mathematical astronomer Al-Khawrizmi introduced Hindu numerals (and zero), which came to be called Arabic numerals. The word “algorithm” comes from his name.

P.S: Algorithms attracts one’s mind to focus on a problem delicately and deeply.

Tussie Mussie

In Elizabethan times and earlier they were mainly composed of the scented medicinal herbs like rosemary, thyme and rue which had disinfectant properties and were carried to offer some protection. The idea of using the language of flowers to send a secret message of love reached its peak around 1857 when Arthur Freeling published – “Flowers, Their Use and Beauty, Language and Sentiment”


Metal troughs are often fastened under eaves to catch and carry away rain when it falls on the roof. Otherwise, water drips from the eaves onto the ground.

P.S: and then eavesdropping term comes to life…all ears !

Terra Firma

p.s: Stay grounded, to grow !

This word is not commonly used in conversations, more for creative writing or poetry…the word has a feel of support, more so in Hindi it feels someone is saying – your support (tera firma).


💦 is so amazing…it’s just so clean, and can refresh everything, the hydrogen oxygen combination… stay blessed, reach where there is less of you.. 


Hiya… hey hi, ummmmmm yes I do know you, of course.. remember..

Umm 🙄 just trying to pin that memory ..

p.s: I am with you here, have been here few times.. 😂 sometimes even foolishly uttering a different name… bathing in tartle rush! Flushed!